Rosie’s Nursery

Rosie’s Nursery was very thought out with the idea in mind to make it very personal and affordable.

We bought the crib first and we found it used. I knew I wanted a white one, so it worked perfectly. Then I began deciding on what color to paint the walls. First, it was purple and then Rosie’s Daddy decided every little girl needs a pink room to begin with. Ok, that is fine with me, even though, I have never bought anything pink in my life. I decided on pink and green for the main colors and turquoise accent pieces. I found the crib sheets, curtains, and twin bedding all at the same store for great prices. I looked for weeks at their sale items and finally the perfect ones made it to the list.

After receiving the bedding I picked out the color of pink that would best match the green in the bedding. I really tried to stay away from pastel pink and pick more of a vibrant, bright, happy pink. I would say the first time I saw it painted it was definitely vibrant. I chose Pittsburgh Paint for the brand, because I felt like the quality of low VOC paints they have are the best. I was very adamant about getting low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint for 1: because I was pregnant, 2: because a child shouldn’t have to smell paint fumes for the first year of his/her life and 3: I felt like I owed it to the man painting the room not to have to suffer and leave his job light headed.

I began putting the room together and I really wanted it to be personal for Rosie; therefore, I added pictures of her family members, gifts from her friends and family, a painting by her aunt, a jar full of sand from the weekend her parents found out they were having  a baby, and four portraits framed in 8×10 white frames. The four portraits were of her two great-Grandmothers she was named after and two portraits of her Mom and Dad while they were pregnant.

The final addition to the room was the chandelier. I looked long and hard for the right chandelier. I was not going to pay an outlandish price and it needed to be the perfect size. Finally, I found one , but it was cream. So, I ordered it, spray painted it white and added additional colored jewels to it. 

Please feel free to leave any comments and of course check out the pictures. If you click on the individual pictures they will enlarge. Enjoy!


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