Geometric Abstracts

Many of my recent paintings are what I consider “Geometric Abstracts” or “Architectural Abstracts”. I enjoy  incorporating my daily designs into my paintings and merging the two elements, sketch and paint.

For these particular two paintings, I used sketches on tracing paper as the first layer. Those sketches became the concept for the painting and determined the way in which the painting was to be created. A painting road map, perhaps. The tracing paper not only gives me directions on design, but it becomes a tactile part of the art. It brings texture and depth that paint alone can not create.

Acrylic paint is the main medium, but I almost always use pencil, oil pastels, graphic letters, and other decorative papers to enhance the painting’s qualities. There are many layers to my paintings as well as small details that can not be seen right off-hand. All of theses elements help to create a painting that is architectural, textural, and visually appealing.


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