Great Finds

I have really enjoyed going to different “junk” stores around Savannah to find unique, one of a kind pieces of furniture and accessories. Sometimes I find great new items at places such as TJ Maxx or Home Goods, but my best finds are usually in the junk stores and sometimes in our rental property storage areas.

My latest great finds were at a junk store on 34th and Bull Street, here in Savannah. I don’t think it even has a name, but the gentleman was so nice and really had a lot of great stuff. I bought the side table and the coffee table from him and they were both great prices. The side table needs a little work, because the drawers do not slide out as easily as they should, but once that is repaired and the paint color is decided (hard decision) and applied then this side table will make a great addition to any room. Another great thing about it is that it actually has some storage space as well.

The coffee table was a hard item for the owner to let go of. He said he really didn’t want to sell it and he just was using it for display, but I convinced him I would give it a great home. We will take the top of it off and put a new one on using salvaged barn wood from my husband’s childhood home. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

The rocking chair came from a rental property, so it was free. Even better when it is free. I thought it would make a great baby rocker one day, for me or for another lucky parent. I will most likely paint it white and then get it upholstered in a great new, crisp fabric.  


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