On the Home Front

We live in a beautiful town with a lot of mature tress, green grass, and Spanish moss that hangs from the trees in a very mysterious way. We have a home that was built in 1920 and we really love it and the neighborhood. When we moved in, the front yard was full with mature azalea bushes. Over the 5 years we have lived here, we have never really enjoyed them. They have only bloomed once, although that one bloom was very beautiful, it only lasts a few short weeks and then they are just bushes covering our front yard. And, with a yard full of bushes and a lot of rain during the Spring, you receive a lot of pesky mosquitos. That is probably one of the biggest negatives about them.

My husband and I had never really even thought about taking on the task of removing them, but I suppose my husband finally had grown tired of them and cut them all back to the ground level. I have to say, I was nervous, but it makes our house look so much cleaner and honestly bigger {not that bigger was the desired outcome} and  brighter. Our neighbor seems to be pleased, so I assume that is good.

What will we do now? I am not sure. We have a lot of shade, due to the mature trees. We have a lot of space and we don’t really desire a yard full of grass that requires a lot of water and maintenance. I know it can’t stay bare for much longer or our neighbors might begin asking for the azaleas back.

I will say, I am excited to see what options we can explore on a small budget and little labor.

Without further a due, here is our yard today:


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