Fabric Browsing

Tomorrow I am going to a warehouse with my neighbor to browse through her fabric rolls. She had a business (that has now closed) where she sold antiques, fabric, and did custom interior design. When her business closed she put all her fabric in a warehouse and tomorrow we are going to go look through it together.

I have a client that I need to pick window treatment fabric for, but I am sure I will be browsing for a number of things for myself (dining room chairs, dining room curtains, and wingback chairs). I can’t wait to see what all she might have stored in this so called warehouse.

She is our back door neighbor. Her house in on Washington Street, which is a wide street with a median in the middle that has very mature oak trees and a lot of wonderful, very large homes on it. Below is my view of the back of her house from our 2nd floor window. You can imagine what the front of her house looks like. It is very beautiful and plus she has a pool!!! I love pools.

The window treatments that I need fabric for are for my clients’ dining room, living room and family room. These are the colors we have chosen:

 Aleutian for the Dining Room

Hearts of Palm for the Family Room

Soft Suede for the kitchen and living room

Here are a few pictures of what the house looked like before renovation. The were very ready for some color changes and we also did a little bit of “knocking out of walls”.

I can’t wait (I know the client can’t wait) for the renovation to be complete.


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