Family Reunion

Today we are headed to Atlanta for my husband’s family reunion. I love the idea of a family reunion and this one will be exceptionally exciting for me. My father-in-law’s cousin is Lisa Newsom, founder of Veranda Magazine. I am excited to meet her and ask her all about her World travels, her design experience, and how she started a magazine while raising four children.

One of Lisa’s four children is the owner of Wisteria,, a Home Decor and Furniture Company. They have a lot of really beautiful items. Like this Nexus Swivel Chair:

So needless to say, this family reunion will be a lot more exciting for me as a designer than most family reunions are for the majority of people.


One thought on “Family Reunion

  1. I totally forgot you had this site, thanks for the reminder on your blog. The family reunion sounds so fun. What an interesting group of people and I’m so jealous of the fabric shopping you’ve been doing.
    When in Dallas you need to go to the Wisteria outlet. It opened about 6 months ago and they have lots and lots of pretty stuff. I go directly to the clearance section (far back right corner) so I can afford to purchase something. I was there on Tuesday and they’re giving away a set of summer plates with every purchase. I found a set of six cocktail glasses for $3.00 and then got the plates for free. They’re pink and orange – perfect for us!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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