Little Chair and Free Plates Promo

Our family reunion was a success. My husband got to see some of his cousins, aunts, and uncles that he had not seen in a while.

I did meet Lisa Newsom and she was as nice and intelligent as I expected. I tried not to be too “designy” with her and didn’t want to take up all her time, but I did ask her a few questions about Veranda magazine and how she got started. Come to find out, she was actually a co-founder of the magazine Southern Accents many years ago and after she left there is when she began Veranda. She has been the editor in chief ever since the start of the magazine, until they recently sold to Hearst Publications. She has now stepped down as editor in chief, but is editor at large. She is also working on a book that will be a compilation of Veranda articles throughout the years. I am sure it will be amazing and I will most definitely pick one up when it comes out.

Lisa was very kind and brought my little girl this adorable chair from Wisteria:

Little did she know, that my little girl LOVES chairs as much as her Mommy does.

Speaking of Wisteria, my sister who is in Dallas, tipped me off about a special deal they were doing right now. A free set of plates with every purchase. Thanks Kam! Check this out:


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