Rental Renovation

We are in the beginning stages of a renovation on one of our rental properties. When you have rental properties you have to be really deliberate and conscience about how you spend the budget.

On this particular renovation, the cabinets in the kitchen are actually very nice, but the staining was very badly done. The flooring in the kitchen is also very old and damaged and the mouldings and wood trim in part of the house are painted brown. Yes, that’s right, BROWN. It is a particularly awful color of brown. I am sure it was done 12 years ago, because the previous owner had found a good deal on brown paint. That is how most of the houses were done by him. I am not saying I blame him for doing that, but now 12 years later, the brown paint really makes the space look dirty.

We are painting all the trim white, all the walls a very neutral color (except the bathroom), and redoing the floors in the kitchen, living area, and bathroom. In the kitchen and living area, we are trying something we have not done before. We are using birch plywood in 4’x8′ sheets as the flooring. We will most likely cut them down to 4’x4′ squares and seal them. Then, we have new wood flooring. I have seen this done in some homes from Dwell Magazine, but we have never done it ourselves. I am excited to see how it looks and compared to carpet, laminate or vinyl the birch plywood is less expensive per square foot.

The kitchen cabinets are getting a new paint job as well. I have found a new brand of paint that I am trying. The man who recommended it said that it acts like an oil based paint, but it is latex. It is a Richards brand paint and the company is a family owned business out of Florida. There is no priming or sealing required.

In many of these homes, there is no ventilation in the bathroom and we get a lot of mold that grows from the moisture that comes from the showers. We are preparing the walls with a primer that resists mold growth and the wall paint is a Benjamin Moore paint that is for “water areas”, like spas and bathrooms. It is supposed to help shield against mold growth in wet areas.

So here are the before pictures:


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