Pink Polka Dot Oilcloth and Caitlin Stripe Fabric

Looking for fabric has been one of my top design activities for the last couple of weeks. I have picked two fabrics for curtains and pillows for a client, but I need a third fabric for their family room. While in Austin and San Antonio,  I had no luck finding that third fabric. I will be in Dallas at the end of this week and I will try there once more to find a fabric that is fun, bright, and exactly what we are looking for.

In the meantime, while searching hours for that fabric, I have also been thinking about my own home and ideas that I have had in mind, but have not had the time to really even think about. My sister and I went to a fabric store in Llano yesterday (Llano is a small Texas town) and I was surprised at how much fun fabric this one small store had. My sister found curtains and I found this oilcloth and very cute fabric, both will be for projects for my little girl. The oilcloth will be her playroom table-cloth for when she wants to use play doh, paint, or have a real tea party with her friends. The Caitlin Stripe Fabric will either be the backing to her bookcase or will go behind an old window frame paired with chicken wire to hang her bows and hair accessories. When I get home, the projects will begin.


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