Texas Shops

On my recent trip to Texas, I needed to look at fabric for a client’s curtains. I usually like to go junk store shopping while in Austin, but this time I felt like I really discovered (or was told about them) some great shops in Austin, Fredericksburg and even the small town of Llano.

There must be something in the air in Texas, because I felt like there was a vibe that I don’t feel in many other places. People are friendly, excited, and best of all have either made or were selling really unique and creative items. I went to junk stores, fabric stores, home decor stores, and some that had all of that wrapped into one.

Take a tour with me through the Texas Hill Country, would you?

First stop: Austin.

Austin is definitely known for its funk and “weird”, but there is a reason it is known for that: because it is funky and weird. We went to South Congress Street and browsed through many stores, but my favorite was Uncommon Objects (my sis in law favors it too). It has large metal letters, vintage glasses, old baby dolls, cowboy boots (used), and unique light fixtures. The only negative: it was a little pricy. The large, red metal letters below were $275 a piece. Yikes. I would love to have one, but can’t with that price.

Across the street from Uncommon Objects was a parking lot filled with food trucks. I am a sucker for food trucks. I have eaten cupcakes, crepes, and sno cones out of food trucks, but this time I just took  the photo. I would have loved to eaten a cupcake (or two) from that one food truck with the GIANT cupcake on it.

If you haven’t been to Austin, you should definitely visit. You still can catch a real cowboy walking down the street and you can see what new and exciting ideas those funky, weird Austinites have come up with.

Tomorrow we head to Fredericksburg and Llano!


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