Living Room

I have been trying to finesse my living room lately. We have a long and narrow living room with a fireplace in the middle of one wall and openings on most of the other walls. After about a year of living in this house, my honey and I agreed on a color for the walls. If it were my choice, they would have been turquoise or some shade of turquoise. He was not that keen on the idea; therefore, we compromised. We both get our hair cut at the same place and by the same person (who is so great and the salon is so cute). She had a great wall color in the salon and I mentioned it one day to “honey” and he agreed that it was a nice color. Five years later, we have painted three rooms in our house that color and we have started using it in our rental properties too. Thanks Tyler at Towne!

We very slowly accumulated furniture, mostly garage sale or junk store finds, which I then paint usually. And, after we had our little girl, we started accumulating beautiful family photos to adorn our walls. The best accessory. 

Recently, I had my Mom make me some cute throw pillows and I repainted a side table and an end table to add to the living room. I also have been trying to add touches of my husband’s style into the room. He really loves to collect old nails, architectural elements, and marbles that he finds. So, I decided to put one of his collector items on my newly painted side table. I actually really like the “corbel” that he had, but we did not have a place to put it until now.

Next, I want to get new curtains and more lighting, but for now, I really am enjoying our living space.


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