Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

I have found a new love at This website is so nice for people like me, who like to look at pictures and not read. And when you do read, you only get the information you want to know. And as I was browsing all of these pictures, I kept finding really great projects that people were posting on reusing old items as something totally different from their original use.

The great thing about most of these is that they can be done by anyone and for a very low-cost. It also limits the amount of trash you throw out to your curb, which is a very important factor for me. I haven’t dove into this type of reusing as much as I have with repainting old, used furniture (which is sometimes found at the curbside of someone else’s home), but I would like to start.

I started this week, in fact. I took an old window frame and an old mirror to a glass shop. They cut the mirror for me and installed it into my old window frame. Now, I have a very shabby mirror to hang above my bed that only cost me $20, because all of the material was reused. Here is it waiting to be hung:

The pictures that I have been coming across have been things that range from old suitcases turned into medicine cabinets and even an adorable chair. There are also old drawers used as end tables and wall hooks. One of my favorites is the lightbulbs used as hanging vases for small flowers. I tried to include the websites for each of these pictures, but some did not have that information.

Here are the other great reused, recycled, turned new objects that I have found:


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