Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

We recently painted a commercial building that we have and I chose a really nice green/blue paint color, Wythe Blue, from Benjamin Moore. I bought it from my favorite paint store, B and B Paint. I thought it looked great and I had the main door painted red and the other doors painted a bright, yellowish green.

I was perusing one of my favorite websites,, and found out that Wythe Blue has been chosen as the color of the year. However, they did not choose a picture of my commercial building to showcase the color, maybe next time. I am so glad to know that my color picking is so great that I chose the color of the year before it was the color of the year.

Above is our little beauty painted in Wythe Blue, let’s remember this is a rental property and as my husband (and business partner) likes to say, “it’s like putting lipstick on  a pig.” I would say the paint definitely helped boost the building’s beauty. Here is a before picture. 

Congratulations Wythe Blue and thank you for helping us create a more beautiful corner commercial space.



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