Christmas Card and Craft Display

I have finally begun decorating our house for Christmas. Last year, I made all sorts of “Candyland” decorations: lollipops, peppermints and candy canes for the yard and peppermint and apple-o trees for inside. I really enjoyed doing it and they are still in great shape for this year.

I do have a new addition to our decorations and am so glad that I have it. Each year, I try to think of a new and fun way to display all of our wonderful Christmas cards that we get from our friends and family. I also wanted to display all the many crafts that my little one makes that are way too cute to throw away.

A few months ago, I found a really old crib spring mattress holder in one of my rental properties and stuffed it in the garage with all my other pieces of furniture that I have plans for, but I really didn’t know what I would use it for. Then, one beautiful morning while decorating for Christmas, I had a brilliant idea. I took the crib spring thingy out of the garage, tied some burlap on the back and then strung various red, green, pink, and white beads, strings, and things to the front. Then, I bought some nice, bright green paper clips to hang all the wonderful things on the display.

See what you think:


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