Painting furniture

I have been thinking about how I will design my big girl’s new room and finally have at least a color scheme somewhat decided on. I have her nightstand and bed frame already, that I picked out of one of our rental properties. I need to paint both of these as well as a new chest of drawers for the baby’s room. Im getting a little bit anxious about all the work that needs to be done and I obviously will get increasingly more pregnant and tired.

So today, I finally got started. I decided to paint the night stand first, because I knew I wanted it to be alpine valley, a turquoise color from pittsburgh paint, that I have used several times. The night stand is actually really nice wood, but is dirty and dingy. Here it is before:


I took the hardware off to boil off the layers and layers of paint and to make sure that I got a good cover of new paint underneath the hardware on the night stand. Then, I started painting:


Looks better already! I will finish painting today and then paint the hardware, color undecided, and put it back on. Then, the night stand will wait in the wings for the rest of the room to be finished. So far this night stand has cost me $0. My husband will be glad to hear that our budget so far is still at zero.


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