Silhouette pillow

I have been dying to try to make a silhouette pillow of my favorite little 3 year old. I have seen a few different ways to do it yourself, but wasn’t sure which one to do. I went to Michael’s the other day and found a stencil paper from Martha Stewart and some purple fabric paint. I thought I would give this approach a try first. What is the worst that could happen? I would just ruin the fabric and have to get more.

So, the first step is to take a profile picture of your subject. This step was by far the hardest.


I printed it out on 8-1/2 x 11 regular paper and then traced the profile onto the stencil sheet with a pencil. Worked great. Next, I just cut the profile out very carefully with an exacto knife on a cutting mat. I have most of these materials from architecture school.


I cut the piece of material into a 20″ square in order to get a 18″ or less pillow made. I Taped the stencil on with painter’s tape, but I needed a little extra help with getting it to lay completely flat.


I gently painted on the fabric paint and was sure to dab it on right at the edges of the stencil to make sure to get a clean edge. It seemed to work fine, but you never really know until you pull that tape off.


I let it dry for about 2 hours and then gently pulled the tape off. I touched up some of the spots with a smaller brush and then wah lah, you have a silhouette on fabric.


I just need to find someone to make it into a cute pillow and I would like to get her name embroidered on it too! Can’t wait to finish it up.


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