Chest of drawers

Today, I started painting the baby’s chest of drawers. It is an old wooden chest that I used a few years ago. It is in great shape, but the top was split and it desperately needed a paint job.

Sallie got all new, white furniture when she was born and she will be taking her dresser to her new room with her. So, I had to find the baby a new chest for the nursery.

The nursery is all pink. Pink walls for days. I am changing very little about it, but I wasn’t sure I just wanted to pain the new chest white. I saw these on pinterest and thought I might try something a little different:

I have a lot of different colors of paint that I have used in the past, so I thought I would try the idea with all the different colored drawers. Here is the chest before I started:


The drawers lined up and ready to paint:


These are some of the knobs I found at home goods on sale that I will most likely use:


And here are the drawers with one coat of paint on each. I decided on giving the rainbow drawers a try. I am not sure what I think of it yet, but will paint them all, put the knobs on and see how I feel after it is a finished product. I usually like one solid color with glass knobs, but thought this would be fun to try.



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