Making progress

I have actually made some progress on my projects to get prepared for another baby. Kevin is making some progress as well in cleaning out his office, which will be Sallie Rose’s room soon. His project is a lot less fun than mine are.

I took the silhouette fabric to a local store to get her name monogrammed on it. I honestly had no idea that it would cost so much. It was worth it, because it looks really good. Final step will be to get it made into a pillow.


I had the monogram done in bright turquoise and I hope to have a piping done around the pillow in a similar color.

I finished the night stand by boiling all the layers of spray paint off of the hardware. You put the hardware in a pot of boiling water with a little baking soda and the paint comes right off after about ten minutes of boiling. Works like a charm. I have done this before with historic door hardware that had many layers of paint on it. I was unsure about what the drawer knobs would look like, but turns out out they are really cute.


I have a lot of work to do, but luckily I have 4 more months, hopefully.


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