Event preparations

I have been involved with a non profit, Urban Hope, for about 3 years and last year was a tough financial year for them, as for many non profits (and for profits). We decided it was time to pump up the fundraising for the organization and it was time to step out of the comfort zone and try something new. Our Board decided to do an event that featured local restaurants that would each serve samplings, or hor dourves for you fancy people, of their food for the attendees. I have to admit, I am not a fundraiser or a salesperson and last year was very hard and a lot of work to put the event together. We have a small Board and all of us have very busy, individual lives. There were a lot days I had to remind myself that this was for a great cause and in the end it would work out, and a lot of praying for strength and direction.

In the end, it worked out great! Thanks to a lot of very generous people and a lot of people that put a lot of time into the event.

One of my favorite tasks for the event was putting together the centerpieces. We had a very small budget for this type of item for the event, so we had to get creative and do a lot of thrifty shopping. We found a lot of really great items at TJ Maxx, good will, and the dollar store. We splurged on a few things, but our ideal budget was $15 per centerpiece. Some of them cost more and some cost less. Sometimes, the best part of a project is having to be creative on a small budget.

I was given some good advice from a friend who had experience in event planning and she suggested we sell the centerpieces at the end of the night to pay for the cost of the materials and also raise a little extra money for Urban Hope. It worked out great. We sold almost very single one.

Here are a few from last year:




Here are my beginning ideas for this year’s centerpieces:

I love the one above to use for table signs for the restaurants that are participating. So cute and easy.

Our event is February 17th and I just bought a few things from TJ Maxx this morning and can’t wait to get started.


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