Dress up closet

I had seen a really great idea on pinterest, go figure, for a dress up closet. We have a great playroom with lots of room, but we could use some more dedicated storage. We have craft storage and big bins that catch barbies, babies, and I had one specifically for dress up clothes. I felt that the dress up clothes really could use a space of their own that would be helpful for the children to use them.

So, I had on my list of to dos in the next few months to find a very inexpensive chest of drawers and turn it into a dress up closet. Well just my luck, I had some friends moving out of town (to clarify it was my luck that I came across a chest of drawers, not that my friends moved) and they had the perfect chest for me to buy.

First, I took out all the drawers except the bottom one and the rails. Then, I measured some stripes and painted.



Next, I took a piece of mdf, that i had left over from a project, to home depot to get it cut to put on top of the bottom drawer to use as a shelf. Then, I bought a wooden dowel (and had home depot cut it as well) and 2 plastic closet rod hangers. All together is cost me about $7 in supplies.

I got home and took about 15 minutes to glue the shelf down on the drawer rails and attach the rod hangers and put up the new clothes rod.




And now, we have a little closet dedicated to all of my little girl’s dress up clothes. All together it cost me about $19! What a deal.


2 thoughts on “Dress up closet

  1. Awesome! That is so adorable. It’s one thing to pin it to your board on Pinterest, and then actually follow-through with the idea. I bet SR will enjoy this so much.

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