Reusing drawers

After I made my little dress up closet from the wooden dresser, I wanted to reuse the drawers. They were all in good shape and I didn’t want to throw them out. First, I was going to use them all as corners shelves and then I thought about wall mounted boxes to either put books in or display small items, but I just couldn’t find a good space for them.

So, I decided to use one as a small shelf to hold art supplies and the other I glued two drawers together to make an outdoor plant stand. Both were very easy to do and I didn’t have to buy any extra materials.

So here is the reused drawer as a small corner shelf:



And here is the plant stand before putting any plants in. I will probably take this to our rentals to add some pretty over there.



And those are my President’s Day helpers.


One thought on “Reusing drawers

  1. In the plant stand are you going to line it with something in order for the water not to corrode the bottom? I love the idea sooooo much! It has given me some great ideas! How clever!

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