Room update

I am beginning to lose all my energy for painting furniture, luckily I am almost done painting the furniture for my girls’ rooms. I needed to paint a night stand, a chest of drawers and a headboard and foot board. The night stand is complete, the chest of drawers is complete and the headboard and footboard are about half way done. After that is done, there will be no more manual labor out of me. Chasing around a 3 year old at 6 months pregnant is about all I can handle.

I finally put the finishing coats of paint on the baby room chest and I am not over the moon thrilled with it, but like it. I really like 3 of the colors together, but not crazy about the others. I am going to wait until it is in the room to make a final judgment on wether to paint the top 2 drawers different colors. I was also going to put on different knobs, but once I had it painted I decided that it was all too much color and put the original brass ones on.


Next, is the full size headboard and footboard for the big girl’s new room. I found this at our rental properties, as usual, and brought it home. It is actually in great shape and all wood.



I am going to paint it Pittsburgh paint cherry brandy. It is not quite as pink as her nursery was, but more of a raspberry color. I really like it and think it will look great with gray walls and the turquoise night stand.


After that is done, it will be time to find bedding and get the actual room painted and ready for move in. I am planning on painting a few works of art for each room, but not sure what yet. Hopefully, I will still be able to muster up the energy to do that.


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