Re-upholstering, Fabric, and Pillows

I have been going back and forth on what type of seating I would like to put in Sallie Rose’s new room. Right now she has the rocker, but that will stay in the baby’s room (no, we still do not have a name). I really wanted to buy her an Eames rocker, but those things are so expensive and really aren’t made to curl up and read in. So, as usual, I found a chair at our rental properties that had a good shape, size and look.

The fabric on it was in desperate need of a bath and one of the arms is broken, but overall it is a good chair that can be salvaged. It has been in our garage waiting for me to decide on what fabric to buy or whether or not I wanted to spend the money on getting it re-upholstered.

Yesterday, I had to order some fabric for a client who wanted some pillows made. So, I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered pink houndstooth to recover the chair. I am really excited. I am going to repair the arm  and paint both the arms and legs white and then have someone re-upholster it.

Isn’t that adorable? I can’t wait to get it and see if I really love it in person. I also bought this fabric to get pillows made for her bed. I loved the color and wanted to add some sort of floral type print in with all the geometric prints I have so far.

Those will probably be the last two fabrics that I buy for her room. I think I have decided to use the existing curtains that are in the room to save on my budget as well as to make it easier for our process. They are white ones that we bought from Ikea 2 years ago. They will work for now and later we can get new ones if we want.

And, the other day I stopped by a new store in town called Matty’s (3107 Waters for you guys in Savannah) and she had a lot of super cute things. She had these 2 very large pillows that I thought would work perfectly for Sallie’s bed, but I assumed they were $60 a piece, but they weren’t. They were $20 a piece. I was shocked. So, I bought them and brought them home and washed them. She had used them as her display so they were a little dusty. They actually match her pink headboard very well.

Nice, big, fluffy pillows. I am getting a little closer on having all of her items ready to go to put in her room after we have it painted and cleaned out. I hope she loves it. As of right now, she says that she still wants to sleep in her current room with the baby. This new room might end up being a really girly guest bedroom.


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