Making my own lampshade

I have a hard time finding lampshades that I really like. Usually, they are too much pattern or not the right shape/size. I found an old lamp that I spray painted bright yellow for Sallie’s new room, but had to find a shade that matched. I had no luck, unless I wanted to spend $40 on a very simple one from pottery barn:

Source: via Cassie on Pinterest

So, I decided to make my own. I bought a plain white shade at target on sale and bought yellow bias tape from Joann’s. Then, I got a new, fresh lampshade in the color, shape, and size I wanted for a lot less money. It really was super easy too!

The bias tape:


The process of using fabric glue to glue the tape on the edge of the plain white lampshade:


The bias tape glued on and ready to dry:


It looks great with the spray painted lamp and I will hopefully very soon have it placed on top of the turquoise night stand I painted for her new room:



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