$25 Chandelier

We are still currently working on finishing our big girl’s new room, even though we recently brought home the new little girl (born May 11th). Luckily, the baby is sleeping in a cradle and our 3 year old is still in her current room for a few more weeks.

The week before I went into labor, my husband decided he was going to get a new security light installed in our backyard. We had to have an electrician come and do it and while he was going to be here I wanted to have a new light installed in the new big girl room. Well, I had not bought a light yet. I found a drum shade that I liked, but it was almost $200 and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. What I really wanted was a small chandelier like I had in the nursery. I had looked around town a little at antique stores for one, but most of the ones I found were too big or too expensive for a child’s room.

So, the day before the electrician came, I ran all over town looking for one. My last stop was at a place in town called Matty’s. I have been here once before and they have such cute stuff and the owner is so nice. So, we were chatting and I didn’t see anything in the store, but I asked her if she had a chandelier that I was not seeing. She came out of the back with a cute, small, pink chandlier. It was perfect, although she was a little hesitant to sell it since it was badly spray painted and missing most of the jewels. I assured her I did not mind and that I would be painting it anyways, so she sold it to me for $25!

This is it waiting to be spray painted. I took all the remaining jewels off and hung it from a plant holder on the front porch. Then I bought a darker shade of pink spray paint and went after it.

This is it during spray painting. The color matches the headboard/footboard that I painted for the room. After spray painting it, I had to assemble all the jewels that I wanted to put on it. Luckily, my friend, Susan, had given me a bag full of jewels from a chandelier she had that fell off her ceiling and broke! Thanks Susan! So, it was just figuring out which ones to hang where and how many. I also have 3 pieces of blown glass fruit that we had bought when we were in Italy. We couldn’t really afford anything else while we were there, so we purchased these cute little grape clusters in different colors not knowing that one day they would hang from our 2 little girls’ chandeliers. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect location for them.

And here it is hanging in her room, waiting for the rest of the room to get finished.

And here is the room before painting begins (hopefully this weekend).


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