Sun catcher

I found a really great website,, that has a lot of art projects for children. I saw this one about making a melted bead sun catcher. I thought it looked fun and easy so I thought Sallie Rose and I would try it. My father in law is having surgery this week and he will be in the hospital a few days. What better way to cheer him up then to make him a sun catcher for his hospital room? So that’s what we did. We made one specifically for him.

This is the type of project you could really do a lot with. We used our muffin tins and made 6 round discs from multicolored translucent beads. We cooked them in the oven, which made the kitchen smell like melted plastic, obviously. It didn’t last long, but I would definitely avoid being in the kitchen while its cooking.

After we cooked them, I let them cool and then drilled holes in them and strung them with fishing line to a knitting circle, if that’s what it’s called. I know it’s in the knitting section of the craft store. Then, I tied the fishing line to the top of the circle to make a hanger for it.

It was a lot of fun to make and it looks very whimsical and cute. We will definitely be doing it again.






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