Barbie dream house

Sallie Rose has recently gotten really interested in playing Barbies. She has a small doll house that she got for her birthday 2 years ago and she loves it. Of course, it is way too small for Barbie. So, she decided she would like a Barbie dream house for Christmas. So, I have decided to tackle the task of making one of a kind by myself. I’m pretty sure that I can do it. In college I had to make numerous models of buildings and they were much more detailed than a Barbie dream house.

So, then comes the question of how it should look? How big it should be? How realistic it should be? Full kitchen made out of wood or just a drawing on the wall to look like a kitchen? So many decisions. Also, should I go modern design or traditional? Who knew a Barbie house could take so much thought?

I assume she will be like me and play with Barbies until she is 9, so all the decisions, time and hard work will hopefully be worth many years of playing with the dream house. And of course there is Lulie now and she can play with it a few years after Sallie is done with it.

I have done some research and these are a few houses that I found for reference:






I really like parts of all of these houses, so now it’s just time to start planning and sketching.


2 thoughts on “Barbie dream house

  1. This is awesome!! What I wouldn’t have given to have a custom Barbie house to play with until I was 11 (ssshhhhhh). I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your girls!

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