Birthday Celebrations

Sallie Rose’s birthday was a few weeks ago and she had a great birthday. We had a breakfast birthday party with the family and had a donut cake. It was really great. She loved the donut cake. In honor of her birthday, I thought I would share her birthday parties from the previous 3 years. I spent numerous hours planning, decorating, baking and wrapping for the last 3 years’ birthday parties. Plus, last year she had 2 birthday parties, one here and one in Texas.

Kevin does not understand the birthday party idea. He had his family over for ice cream and cake and that was it. He says he never had friends at his birthday parties, how sad. I love birthdays and I love to try to make people feel special on their day; it’s the only day you can feel special so it’s sad if you can’t even feel special on YOUR day.

So, in honor of Sallie Rose’s birthday, I will post pictures of her birthdays past.

First Birthday: Urban Cowgirl

 Second Birthday: Carnival

 Third Birthday: Purplicious

As you can see, the first birthday had a lot of decorations and pictures of our birthday girl, but as the years past, the decorations and time dwindled. Each year we have had balloons, cupcakes, and cake balls inspired first in 2009 from the original cake ball maker, bakerella. You should check out her website, Very fun stuff.

Happy Birthday Sallie Rose, to my now 4 year old.



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