Christmas Decorations: Candyland

I usually do not plan too far in advance for Christmas decorations and I don’t do much decorating for Halloween (not my favorite holiday). I have seen a lot of people looking at Christmas decorations on Pinterest and I have had a lot of people repin my photos of my apple-o and peppermint trees. I also have seen a few repins of my DIY lollipop decorations. I thought I would give a brief tutorial on how I made these, in case anyone else would like to make them for Christmas. That way you can have your ideas and plans ready early. This year, I will be building a Barbie dream house so I will not have time to much more DIY Christmas decorations.

Both of these decorations were very easy, just very time consuming. First the Apple-O, Peppermint and Gumdrop “trees”.

1. I bought an assortment of 8″ and 12″ styrofoam cones. I also bought a few bags of each type of candy. From what I can remember, I used about 5 bags of Apple-O’s (my husband probably ate at least 2 of the bags while I was in bed asleep), 4 boxes of gumdrops and 4 or 5 bags of peppermints. It took a lot of candy.

2. I painted the  Apple-O cone green before gluing on the candy. I used a watered down acrylic paint and brushed it on. Spray paint is usually not good on styrofoam, I believe it eats away at the foam. Looking back, I probably would have painted all of them green, because the candy definitely does not cover up enough to hide the white styrofoam.

3. I started at the top of the cone and began to hot glue each piece of candy onto the cone, one line at a time around the cone. This is what is so time-consuming. It took a lot of time to glue each one of those on. After they were all glued on, I spray painted on a glossy, clear finish to help maintain the color and to help it to keep from rotting away after Christmas.

On a side note, I wrapped these in aluminum foil after Christmas and was sure to keep them in an air tight container in the basement. I am sure the house mouse would love to get a hold of these. As of last year, they were still in great shape.

Next, the lollipops and peppermints for outside.

1. I bought (2) 10″ (peppermints) and (2) 12″ (lollipops) styrofoam discs from an online craft store. I also bought 2 pieces of pvc pipe at Home Depot that was already cut into 3′ lengths. I also bought a roll of clear cellophane and some Christmas ribbon that would last outdoors.

2. I painted each of the discs either red or green with the watered down acrylic. I drew free hand on the discs to make it look like a lollipop or peppermint swirl. I looked at one of my many peppermints that I used for my cones for inspiration. After painting the cones on both sides, I let it dry overnight.

3. After they were completely dry, I wrapped the hanging peppermints in cellophane and tied each end with a ribbon. After wrapping them, I simply took a small screw and put in at the top, middle of the peppermint. That is what I tied my fishing line to in order to hang it in the trees.

4. For the lollipops, I took the pvc pipe and inserted the pipe very slowly into the bottom of the styrofoam disc. (Make sure your pvc pipe is a smaller diameter than your thickness of your disc before you buy both). I just turned the pipe until it felt securely in the disc. After it felt secure, I wrapped the whole top of the lollipop with cellophane and tied a ribbon at the base of the lollipop where it met the pipe. Then, I staked it in my front walk.

Now, I have Candyland decorations for a few years! I bet there are plenty of other people who have done similar decorations. I would love to see those!


One thought on “Christmas Decorations: Candyland

  1. I love Candyland decorations! Year by year I’ve built up my collection, and this year I ordered some lollypops on Ebay from MaryChristmas. They were smaller than I’d hoped for, but will still be cute and I think they’ll last a few years. Also, this year I plan on making some candy shutters for my house. I’ll let you know how it goes, so far I’ve got 3 big pieces of plywood in the driveway and am just waiting for a time to start. Do you think that will every happen?

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