DIY Christmas gifts

Now that thanksgiving is over my mind is consumed with getting started on my Christmas gifts. I have already decided to make a Barbie dream house, which has not been started, and now I have decided to make a floor cushion for my first born.

She sees these floor cushions all the time in stores and always says she wants one, but I sort of blew it off, because she wants everything! Here is a floor cushion from the Land of Nod:


It is super cute, but I just don’t want to spend money on that sort of thing. So, I came across this DIY tutorial on making your own floor cushion! And my sister, Tara, gave me a sewing machine for my birthday so I’m going to try to make it!

The tutorial says it doesn’t take long, so we will see how long it takes for a new seamstress. I’ll post my process of making it once I get it done.


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