DIY floor pouf/cushion

I have finally finished one of my DIY Christmas gifts for my oldest baby. I put the final stuffing in last night and hand stitched it in. I tried to take step by step photos so I could look back and do another one for my youngest baby; however, I missed a few photos. The tutorial that I first found here was so great and so easy to follow. So if you are thinking of doing one, then definitely check that tutorial out.

The only difference from that tutorial and my floor cushion was the trim I used. I really like Pom Pom trim and decided to use it. It was a little hard to sew around, especially for a novice sewer, but I loved the way it looked. I think my princess will love sitting on this to read, watch tv or jump on. And, it basically cost me nothing! I had the fabric, stuffing and thread so I just had to buy the trim. And yes, it was easy! Making the circles was the hardest part. Looking back, I might have made it larger, but my compass only did 12″ circles so I had to use my drafting skills to make a 17″ circle. A square one might be easier. I have decided to make our dog a rectangular pet bed for Christmas too! She deserves a gift as well.

On a side note, check out my turquoise sewing table. I found that table at our rentals and it was dirty and rusted. I cleaned and spray painted and now I love it. It comes in very useful for many different tasks. I believe it is an old typewriter table. It’s in great shape and rolls all around.










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