Wedding Shower Invitation

My sister, Tara, is getting married in August to a very handsome man, that’s besides the point. We are having a wedding shower for her in July. I was in charge of the invitations and I could not find one that I LOVED, so I created my own.

Our theme for the shower is “Moonlight and Monograms” and we are having the shower at night in my other sister’s backyard under the moonlight (hence the moonlight part). Their backyard has a great covered patio and a brand new pool! She will be hanging lights on the patio and I am sure we will come up with some great decorations to use to float in the pool.

By creating my own invitation, I could use the same color scheme as Tara’s wedding colors and I could emphasize our theme. And by the time I created the invitation, bought the envelopes ( and had them printed, we saved about $40 on our budget to use towards food and beverages.

tara shower copy


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