Felt Crown

I saw this adorable, tiny, felt crown on Pinterest before Lulie’s birthday. I knew I wanted to make her one for her birthday. This was before I received my Mother’s day brand new sewing machine, so I had to figure out how to do it without the machine.

I bought these materials:

  • 1 sheet of pink felt, 8.5″ x 11″
  • Jewels to adorn the crown
  • 1 package of 1/8″ white elastic
  • Sobo fabric glue

I cut the shape of the crown out of the felt, making the crown about 6″ long and 4″ tall. Then, I wrapped it around in a circle and glued the ends together by overlapping them. I let that dry overnight. After it had dried overnight, I traced a circle of the bottom of the crown out of the felt. I made the circle a little larger than the crown bottom so that I could place the crown on top of the circle to set to dry. I used the fabric glue to glue the crown bottom to the circle. I let that dry for a few hours.

Then, I took the elastic and measured the amount I would need around Lulie’s head, by actually using her head as the measurement. Cut that to size, adding a 1/2″ to the measurement to overlap for gluing. Then I glued the elastic to the bottom of the felt circle that is now glued to the crown.

After that dried, I added the jewels and the sequin strip with fabric glue. And then shizam, it’s ready for the princess.

This is the crown I saw on Pinterest:

And here is the crown I made for my princess:

Lulie in crown


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