Pressure Washing 101

The title of this post is a little misleading, because I did not pressure wash our house myself. I thought about it, checked out the price of renting or buying a pressure washer and then I got a quote from a local pressure washer and decided it was cheaper and easier for him to do it. Plus, he is a professional and has a LOT more experience doing it. I assumed he would do a much better job than I could. Not to mention, our house is 2 stories and I wasn’t quite sure how well I could clean that 2nd story.

So, lo and behold, a guy from Divine Shine here in Savannah did the work and did a great job. He did it in about 4 hours and under $300. I thought that was a great price for our house. He did all 4 sides and the front step.

Our house over the years, has accumulated a lot of dirt, but also mildew. Before our neighbor’s tree fell on our house (really in our backyard), there was not much sunlight hitting the East side of our house and the mildew is out of control on that side. Overall, the entire house had really started looking very dirty. The house is white and the mildew and dirt was beginning to take over. We also wanted to have the pressure washing done before we put in the new sod next week!! EEEEKKKK, I can hardly wait.

Here are some before and after photos so that you can see how much the pressure washing really did: The before is on the left and the after is on the right.

photo 4photo 4 photo 3photo 3 photo 2photo 2 photo 1photo 1

Overall, the house as a whole looks much cleaner, whiter and brighter. I would highly recommend pressure washing!

Here is the back of the house after pressure washing. Nice and clean.

photo 5


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