Front Door Color

I have wanted a new front door color since the moment we moved in. I love when the front door is a pop of color and becomes the highlight of the house. It also can be a welcoming accent for all who enter. Or maybe just a happy color for the mailman to look at each day. After looking at all those other less fun doors, he can walk by mine and get a little sunshine from my spunky front door.

All that is great in theory, but I live with another person who thinks having a “loud” front door might not be the option. And of course, he tried to tell me not to paint it turquoise. Who is he kidding?

Now that our house has been pressured washed and we will have a new front yard today, I thought it was about time to get to painting the front door. I have looked at every color that Pittsburgh Paint offers and it is so hard. The hardest part is trying to make a new color work it with our shutter color, burgundy (not my favorite color, or even close). We will not be painting our shutters for a while, because most likely we will just have to replace all of them. We can’t do that at this time.

I downloaded Pittsburgh Paints color swatches to Photoshop and tried to put them on a photo of my house. The colors did not seem to be quite accurate in Photoshop as compared to the swatches.

Here is the front door now:

front of house

Here a few of the Pittsburgh Paint color samples from Photoshop:

front door d

front door c

front door b

front door A

I am not sure that this exercise helped me make a decision on color, but it definitely got my mind turning.


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