Tough Call. Who will be the lucky girl?

After looking at 22,000 colors in the Pittsburgh Paint color samples, I narrowed it down to six colors. Three of the colors I have used in the past (Alpine Valley, Wythe Blue, and Bayou Teal) and the other three are new colors. So yesterday, I drove to B and B Paint, which is the best paint store in town, and I bought the sample quarts of the three new colors: Blue Starfish, Port Au Prince, and Bimini Blue.

After I put my girls to bed last night, I put on a sample of each color. I think a couple of them I will have to do a second coat to get the “real” color.  Who knew there were so many choices and variations in turquoise?

color choice 1

color choices

So, there are my 6 final choices for my front door color. The top picture is to show the color choices with the burgundy color of our shutters. As you may recall, I can not paint my shutters right now, so whatever color I choose has to correspond with the burgundy. That’s a toughy. I love all of the choices, but then looking at them next to the burgundy makes it a tough call for me. So far, the votes I have received have been mostly in favor of the bottom left. The Mr. is in favor of the bottom right. I am in favor of the two bottom ones mixed together. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tough Call. Who will be the lucky girl?

  1. Which did you go with? Were you happy with the final choice? Also, what color and manufacturer is the bottom left? We have a lake home with a maroon’ish roof and beige siding and looking for a “turqouise” to paint the shutters and doors.

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