School is back in session

School has started and Summer is almost over. My oldest just started Pre-K and I realized the day before school that she needed a nap mat. After her orientation for her new school, I took her to pick out her own fabric for me to make her a nap mat.

I found this tutorial and it seemed easy enough. I did not put the fleece blanket on the nap mat, but instead just sent a blanket with the nap mat separately. The tutorial was good, but the actual sewing was kind of hard for a novice sewer like myself. The batting inside the mat gets quite cumbersome when you try to sew the edges. I literally broke a sweat trying to man handle the nap mat while sewing the edges. It did turn out pretty cute and I would probably make one again, but I might not use as much batting on the inside or possibly try and sew all the edges first, except the bottom and then try and stuff the batting inside, like you would a pillow.

And after all that sweating and time, my daughter decided that rest time at school was “too boring” and she would rather come home for rest time. 🙂 Oh children.

Here are the fabric and the batting before sewing:

And here it is almost finished. As you can see, there is another fabric added in (the pink polka dots). I didn’t measure accurately when purchasing so I had to add on another fabric I had at home.


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