House Exterior Update

We have gotten a lot done on the exterior of our house in the last 2 months. Some of it we did ourselves and some of it we had done by professionals. The things we had done by professionals were things that we considered doing ourselves, but in the end the cost of the professionals doing it was more ideal than us taking a lot of time and energy to do it.

Items we did ourselves:
-Prepared the back and front yards for sod: spraying round up on all areas, marking areas for sod
-Landscaped certain areas of the yard in front and back
-Started a brick patio in backyard
-Removed large portions of bamboo and cut back all trees/bushes
-Painted new front door
-Hung new front door: Kevin had a little help with this, it does need 4 hands to do
-Installed new hardware for front door, as well as address numbers, peep hole, and mailbox
-Painted trim and threshold at front door entrance
-Sanded and painted portions of columns on front porch where they were peeling
-Painted garage door, still needs one coat
-Removed exterior back glass door and replaced with a new screen door

Items we had done by professionals:
-Pressure washed entire exterior
-Had sod laid in front and back yard
-Had shutters painted
-Pressure washed front sidewalk (our neighbor actually had this done for us as a surprise, he’s so great!)

We did all of this work over the last 2 months and some of it was really time consuming and difficult and some of them were just difficult to get done when you have 2 small children that need something every 5 minutes. We are very happy to have both a front and back yard to play in and we are very happy with the painting of the front door and shutters. Overall, I think it is a large improvement.

Here is before:

front of house

And After:



New front door with new color:


Our new mailbox:


This is the door knocker that was on our old front door, so we reused it on our new front door:


I really love the color of my ponytail ferns next to the new door color:



Overall I feel like the front of the house looks so much brighter and cleaner. Picking the color of the door was such a long process, but I am very happy with the choice. It was not my first choice, but I think that it worked out great!

Now for what we still need to take care of on the front of the house:
-Repair and paint porch ceiling where there was a leak
-Paint remaining wood trim pieces
-Put mulch or pea gravel down in landscaped areas

Here are items we need to do in the backyard:
-Finish brick patio
-Put mulch or pea gravel down in landscaped areas and put borders
-Clean, stain/paint cement area between garage and house
-Paint all trim on garage that is burgundy
-Paint back fence gate Gulf Grandeur (same as front door)
-Overall clean up cement area between garage and house, throw out old pots, plants, etc.
-Put another coat of paint on garage door
-Deweed plant beds and put mulch or pea gravel down

Here is the backyard, still in progress:



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