About Redtop Workshop

One woman, with two degrees: a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Painting and Master in Architecture. Redtop Workshop was created with the desire to explore the design World using the many avenues of creativity. I love designing designing in the built environment, but a creative mind rarely can just focus on one subject. Architecture is only one medium that I work within to create art.

What Redtop Workshop Does: Provide artistic, creative designs for friends, family members, and future friends. These artistic creations will be thoughtful, fun, unique and best of all, affordable.  One of Redtop Workshop’s focuses is to find previous used elements for the design or recycle certain parts within a design to help cut costs as well as waste in the landfills. No project is too small or too large. If you need something designed, Redtop Workshop will work with you to find the best possible outcome. 

Please browse all of the designs and email or call with any questions and of course with any design you would like help with.

Redtop Workshop is located in Savannah, Georgia, but would love feedback and interest from anyone, anywhere.