Felt Crown

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I saw this adorable, tiny, felt crown on Pinterest before Lulie’s birthday. I knew I wanted to make her one for her birthday. This was before I received my Mother’s day brand new sewing machine, so I had to figure out how … Continue reading

Paper Straws Used as Display

Back in February, I was in Target perusing the aisles looking for inexpensive ways to display auction item description cards for a fund-raiser I was planning. The budget for decorating was not large and every penny that I didn’t spend would go straight back to the non-profit organization.

I eventually found packages of brightly striped paper straws in the party aisle and was immediately smitten with them. I don’t like to drink out of paper straws, but using them for my display would be great. I believe they came in packs of 20 with a variety of colors. I only needed the green, blue and turquoise ones for the fund-raiser and saved the other colors to use at my daughter’s first birthday.

I had to create some sort of stand to place the straws in and I decided to use metal nuts and washers. We glued the appropriate size nut (it has to be the right diameter for the straw to fit in, I checked it at the hardware store by taking a straw inside with me) onto a 1″ metal washer and then super glued the straw into the nut. It was a very inexpensive solution and I really like the shiny metal mixed with the brightly colored stripes. I think overall I spent about $24 and that gave me 27 display stands for my auction item cards.

For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I used the same concept and then glued her 12 months of photos on the straws.



Wedding Shower Invitation

My sister, Tara, is getting married in August to a very handsome man, that’s besides the point. We are having a wedding shower for her in July. I was in charge of the invitations and I could not find one that I LOVED, so I created my own.

Our theme for the shower is “Moonlight and Monograms” and we are having the shower at night in my other sister’s backyard under the moonlight (hence the moonlight part). Their backyard has a great covered patio and a brand new pool! She will be hanging lights on the patio and I am sure we will come up with some great decorations to use to float in the pool.

By creating my own invitation, I could use the same color scheme as Tara’s wedding colors and I could emphasize our theme. And by the time I created the invitation, bought the envelopes (envelopemall.com) and had them printed, we saved about $40 on our budget to use towards food and beverages.

tara shower copy

Father’s Day Questionnaire for children

I love when the teachers at my children’s school do the cute questionnaires. The kids’ remarks are usually so funny and adorable. I got one from my oldest daughter for Mother’s Day and it is hanging on my office wall.

They are out of school for the Summer so they won’t be doing one for Father’s Day, but I decided to create one for my girls to fill out. Nothing fancy, but I am sure that my husband will enjoy it. Please feel free to print it and use it for yourself!

Father's Day list