Digital color sampling

I have narrowed down my color choices to 5 colors. Is that really considered narrowing down? I have put together a digital color sample photo for my dining room hutch. I also have photos of other rooms I found on various design blogs that have the colors I am thinking about.

This first one I found here. I really like the navy walls, but I think the emerald green chair color would be a great color for the hutch.

hutch 1

Here is another one that I really like. I think the yellow is a fun pop of color, but I am not sure that it would match our wall color:

hutch 3

And of course, I have to consider a turquoise one, but I am sure it won’t be the final choice. I need to stray away from turquoise for once. Plus, the walls are a deep turquoise. But is sure looks good here:


And here is the digital color sampling I did in Photoshop:

digital color testing copy

I also thought about doing it a coral color. I painted a side table Pittsburgh Paint’s Wet Coral and it was a very nice color. So, the choices are emerald green, yellow, coral, navy, and bright turquoise.